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COVID 19 Crisis effects all our lives and ensuring everyone’s health and safety as we combat it must remain the collective number one priority. To allow it to focus on the current emergency, Shropshire Council has made the sensible decision to temporarily pause its decision making and consultation on the emerging Local Plan Review, with a view to continuing these activities over the summer. The J3 team will continue to engage with the Council and other interested parties in accordance with this revised timetable and with a view to seeing how its plans can help Shropshire’s and neighbouring economies both emerge from the current crisis successfully and build for the future.


Bradford Estates covers approximately 12,000 acres and includes farms, residential properties and commercial business units.

The Bradford family has produced a long line of innovators through the generations and has been at the forefront of many ground-breaking initiatives. These include the paving and lighting of the growing town of Bolton, the development of Walsall – including transport, the mining and leather industries – as well as many agricultural innovations on their Estates.

Bradford Estates is proud of the long history it shares with Shropshire and remains committed to the future growth and prosperity of the county

It recognises that its landholdings are situated in the part of Shropshire which has the greatest potential to support enhanced economic development.

Building on the values established by its current day sustainable land management policies, Bradford Estates has identified the potential to develop the future of living and working linked together at J3, guided by its responsible overall land stewardship.

For generations, Bradford Estates has worked in and respected the local environment. The aim of J3 is to learn from that experience and develop a truly unique and special place which will complement the
area and benefit generations to come.

We are here to listen. Please tell us what you think and your ideas as we begin to develop a masterplan for the site.


Bradford Estates’ proposals are based on five fundamental aims:


The masterplan is at a very early stage and the team is currently considering options as to what could be developed on the site.