Why J3?

RAF Cosford is an outstanding facility providing state of the art engineering training for the Royal Air Force. Plans are
in place to expand the base’s training role to include engineering apprenticeships for the other armed services. With its
extensive links with the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) factory at i54, the nucleus of the next generation of engineering technology
is forming.

The RAF Museum is also planning long term investment including a major apprenticeship programme. This will not only
provide a boost to local tourism but also further enhance the pool of technically qualified young people in support of the new
digital economy.

Yet these large high-tech employers do not exist in a vacuum. Supply chain companies and support services are best located
close to their major market. This not only assists in providing a range of job opportunities with similar skillsets through
a range of employers, but also enables start-up firms to retain staff as they grow on site; reduces transport costs and
pollution, as well as providing the critical mass for skills training and development.

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