Live at J3

The emergence of vibrant new neighbourhoods will be fostered at J3, with attractive homes close to jobs and excellent on-site facilities.

The link between good quality housing and improved health, wellbeing and economic prosperity of communities is well-evidenced and long-established. It is a founding principle of the garden village movement.

The diverse local housing needs of Shropshire should be met through a balanced supply of homes.

Notably, the difficulty experienced by younger people in affording access to housing, particularly in purchasing their first home, is contributing to people leaving the county: an issue J3 can help address.

The vision for J3 is a carefully designed new community close to jobs, with distinctive neighbourhoods that will provide choice – as much for young people wanting to start out, as for families or older people wanting to downsize, a healthy community is a balanced one. J3 will deliver a wide variety of energy efficient homes to own or rent, including spacious ‘lifetime homes’ and truly affordable housing.

A comprehensive range of on-site facilities – including shops, community buildings, a medical/GP health centre and schools – will be integral to making J3 a great place to live. Local people in Shifnal, Tong and Albrighton will have access to our new facilities.

We will take pressure off existing facilities in Shifnal, Tong and Albrighton by providing new services and facilities – our development can deliver these benefits and save key local services by justifying for example hospital facilities in Telford currently under review.

Generous provision of open space, including play pitches, greens and an extensive informal recreation network will promote active, healthy living.

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