Work at J3

J3 will be a strategically important enterprise and skills hub with superb transport links, dedicated to the future prosperity of Shropshire.

Shropshire Council’s Economic Growth Strategy aspires to achieve a step change in Shropshire’s economy, supporting higher value jobs and better wage levels. It seeks to retain and develop skills in the county, for example by enhancing technical education and by offering alternatives to a ‘brain drain’ where young people grow up locally but then settle away from their home communities. J3 recognises that Shropshire is a great place to live and can provide new employment opportunities and careers to match.

Land at J3, principally by reason of its prime location and the availability of suitable land, can help support this strategy by capturing economic growth that might not otherwise be accommodated in the county.

A high-quality working environment is proposed, attractive to companies in key sectors identified within the Economic Growth Strategy for Shropshire, including, but not limited to, engineering, advanced manufacturing, aviation and environmental technologies. J3 can create an employment hub to enable businesses of various sizes to settle and grow in an environment which is of premier quality.

Skills development will be central to J3. Bradford Estates will partner nearby further and higher education establishments by providing a flagship training and business start-up centre at J3. This will support staff development and the workspace needs of new and growing companies. It will also offer courses for local residents seeking to advance their careers.

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