Shropshire’s economy needs to generate new, high skilled sustainable jobs for the future. Jobs and careers for local people.

Bringing businesses and inward economic investment to Shropshire rests on the provision of quality employment space, tailored to modern business needs. With Jaguar Land Rover down the road; RAF Cosford’s expansion to meet the needs of the Navy, Army and RAF engineering training; alongside the great work that the nationally renowned RAF Museum does for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) apprenticeships – J3 on the M54 is the gateway to Shropshire’s future economic success.

We have spoken to residents in communities throughout the area who have told us that the county also has an ageing population with many of its younger residents failing to return home after university. Research indicates that this is for two main reasons: the lack of jobs and the lack of affordable homes.

Shropshire Council is looking at ways of attracting new businesses to the area. Agritec jobs are being encouraged through the work of Harper Adams University but there are other industrial and commercial opportunities opening locally. A report has been commissioned to explore the commercial and industrial opportunities along the M54 corridor and land at J3 has been identified as a possible location for a new technology employment hub.

The Council is also reviewing its Local Plan with a view to allocating land for its future housing and employment needs. This has to be carried out in consultation with other local authorities in the region, taking into account their wider planning needs and considering the feasibility of including three thousand homes as part of the J3 site.

Homes that will pay for infrastructure and investment in key local services, such as schools and health, and help create a more balanced, thriving and sustainable new community.