A strategic employment area creating up to 7,000 new jobs
The core of the proposal is the establishment of a strategic employment area. Around 50 hectares of land (the equivalent of 50 rugby union pitches) is available to accommodate enterprises at a range of scales, to be anchored by a hub for training and skills development and incubating fledgling businesses.

A new self-supporting community
This focal area of industry will be supported by well related neighbourhoods, providing potential for living and working to be closely linked together. These neighbourhood clusters will grow organically, as the business, social and community infrastructure (schools, medical facilities etc) develops. Over time some 3,000 new homes may be provided in neighbourhoods, linked by convenient green routes for walking and cycling.

Improving connectivity and sustainability
Local movement by walking, cycling and public transport will be prioritised to develop a healthy and sustainable place. J3 will also achieve better sustainable transport links to RAF Cosford and Cosford railway station and support an increased frequency of public transport services to nearby communities in the growth corridor.

Preserving The Monarch’s Way

We are enormously proud that the historic 625 mile Monarch’s Way footpath runs through this part of the country and are acutely aware of both its recreational and heritage value to locals and visitors alike.  Its preservation has therefore been a key consideration in the development of our plans. 

Within our masterplan, the land to the west of the A41 has been set aside as public parkland and will therefore be unchanged.  For the around 700 metres where the Monarch’s Way does cross the site, we will create a 75 metre wide green corridor which will also tie into the existing connections, extending and enhancing the local footpath network for the whole community.  Furthermore, this green corridor will also incorporate sustainable drainage systems and features to create naturalistic ponds within linear wooded features, recalling those found along the route immediately east of Tong Hill Farm and preserving the tranquillity of the route.

Design principles rooted in the local vernacular
J3 will respect its setting, with design drawing from the local character and pattern of development, and landscape buffers to Weston Park and the historic Tong village. Particular attention will be paid in design to prioritising accessibility to social space and sports facilities, ensuring good daylighting in buildings, and promoting the visibility of, and access to, improved natural surroundings.

J3 will take the best of the local residential vernacular, building it into a place suitable for 21st century living and beyond. Bradford Estates has a commitment to using its land in a sustainable and energy efficient way. Clean energy will be used where practical to heat and power the new, well insulated buildings, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.